Own your health,

Earn rewards!

Tribo enables healthcare brands to create portable and seamless loyalty programs accessible by patients anywhere.

Boost patient loyalty & retention

Incentivize and reward patients for continuing to use your services, sticking to their treatment plans, and engaging with your brand across social channels

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Earn Points

Motivate patients to make healthy choices and take ownership of their wellbeing

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Redeem Rewards

Grant special discounts and exclusive access when patients reach their health goals

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Brand Marketing

Promote Brand

Highlight brand affinity by engaging with social content and referring friends & family

Engage with patients and amplify your brand

Don’t just manage your patients, connect with them. Tribo creates a seamless experience that allows patients to follow your social channels and engage with your unique brand content.

Build and grow your healthcare rewards program

Help your patients reach their health and wellness goals faster. Our dedicated healthcare loyalty platform give you the ability to customize rewards and milestones to make sure your patients are meeting their health goals

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Create portable and seamless healthcare loyalty programs accessible by patients anywhere.

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